31 Jan 2016

Why use Triple Phase Training? Simple, Crane Repair Technicians Need Training!

Manufacturing in America has created unique skilled tradesmen positions, but not all of these trades can be learned in college or vocational schools. Being a crane repairman is just one example of such a trade. The need for skilled tradesmen has been on the rise since 2012, with significant growth every year. Unfortunately, that has posed a challenge for many employers. Gathering highly qualified skilled tradesmen has become very difficult. It’s mainly through apprenticeship and on-the-job training that a small amount of qualified crane repairmen are even available for employers to hire. The facts are this: 66% of high school graduates go to college after graduation. Of that 66%, approximately 20% go to a two year vocational school. When employers are looking for skilled crane repair technicians, even two year degree graduates may not be qualified. Finding not just qualified but also experienced, well rounded, technicians is a huge challenge.

Triple Phase Training was created to help you meet that challenge. Providing your technicians with specific training will help you to build a highly optimized team. Training from within will create skilled, efficient, dynamic technicians, at a fraction of the cost and time of a two year degree. We are presenting specialized courses designed for overhead bridge crane repair technicians.

Triple Phase Training allows you the flexibility to customize courses, focusing on your team’s strengths and areas of needed improvement. All classes have been designed with practical application in mind. Our motto is to pass on knowledge through experience. Our instructors have worked as crane technicians for many years, not only in the service world, but also as onsite maintenance personnel. Therefore they understand the technical questions that often come up in training, as well as the complexity of time and resource management because they have come across these firsthand. We believe however, that work experience is simply not enough to be an effective teacher. That’s why our instructors are proficient in public speaking and seasoned trainers in an industrial setting.

We provide a variety of courses, and are constantly adding new curriculum to stay updated and on the vanguard of ever evolving technology. Click here to see a list of current courses available!

Triple Phase Training is also aware of the budgetary constraints that many companies face in this ever changing economy.  That’s why our trainers come to you! Our equipment and hands on labs have been designed to be entirely mobile and can be quickly set up to ensure maximum usage of your precious time. We want to help you save your valuable resources by providing our classes to your techs right on-site. For information on pricing, please click here.

Triple Phase Training can help you build a highly optimized team. Schedule a class today!

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