This course is our backbone and the true foundation of our training company. We are dedicated to providing training specific to overhead bridge crane repair technicians. Our goal is to offer affordable on-site training for our customers.

3 Day Overhead Crane Repair Training Course

Fundamentals to Build On

Our Crane Repair Training Course is truly one of a kind. We have built this course to touch on all the electrical aspects of overhead crane repair. Our instructors start every course with an overview of the fundamentals including schematic reading, electronic symbols, all types of motors, and clear definitions of electrical terms. Each progressing section builds on the previous section. This gives the student a greater understanding of the more complex topics. By starting with a firm foundation, everyone on the team is elevated to the next level.

This course while extensive, can be tailored to a one, two, or three day course. However, keep in mind that the one day courses do not include any hands-on lab exercises. When scheduling your class, we can send you a customized schedule of how the class sections will be arranged specific to your needs.

We Come to You!

We are a mobile training company, designed for overhead crane repair technicians. One of the outstanding features that we offer is our same quality class conducted on-site or close by to save you money. The course has hands-on training labs that are designed to be portable and durable so we can have them available for every class. Our clients save money and resources by hosting our class on-site. We understand the demands of crane service companies and large manufacturing facilities, so we make every effort to be flexible with our scheduling. You have the ability to customize your class to suit your needs.

Our Commitment

Triple Phase Training is committed to providing an exceptional training experience tailored to your personnel. We impel the students to use our unique and one-of-a-kind training system to accomplish their tasks quickly and accurately. Then with the assistance of memory aids, we help the technicians to retain the information by customizing presentations to each individual’s learning style. No matter what skill level each technician is currently at, we are confident our diagnosis system will help make the technician more efficient and highly optimized.

One, Two & Three Day Courses

Our one and two day courses are jammed packed full of productive, effective training. We start with power point presentations, interactive white board discussions, and instructional videos to kick off this course on fundamentals. These first sections are key to creating a team that consistently use the appropriate terminology, and a unified understanding of components and testing.

For the one day course, we will continue with this strategy into the more complex topics. With white board illustrations and instructor demonstrations, we can help the techs understand electrical theory and how each component relates to each other. The instructor will then finish out the day describing and teaching advanced diagnostic procedures. These systems will help all who use them to be safe and efficient workers.

The two day class covers in greater detail all the sections of the one day class with many additions. We like to start the class by performing a “learning style” assessment because each person learns differently. Unlike an aptitude test, this assessment simply gives the instructor a better understanding of how to tailor the information to each of the students. The middle of the first day and almost the entire second day are devoted to hands-on labs and exercises.

This is our most popular course with three days of extensive overhead crane repair training. This class combines all of the best elements from the one and two day courses, as well as many additional features.

We still begin the class with a learning style assessment, but we also include a brief hands-on diagnostic evaluation. This gives us a reference for each technician, allowing us to pinpoint their various strengths and areas of needed improvement. The key of the diagnostic assessment is to show that speed is not a substitute for efficiency.

Throughout this course, we also discuss several case studies which solidify our diagnostic techniques. We actively encourage each technician to share their personal experiences. This promotes team work and an open dialogue for discussing trouble shooting and problems that they experience regularly.

This three day class was developed to help the technician realize that there is a specific system to be used the same way, every time. On the last day of the class, we have each technician repeat the same diagnostic assessment that we administered the first day. This time however, they will be using our system. The results will speak for themselves.

Tailored Courses to Fit Your Needs
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