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Why Use TPT/Industrial Training International?

It’s a fact: Employers face the difficult task of finding qualified overhead crane repair technicians available for hire. Part of that problem stems from the occupation itself. There are no colleges or trade schools taking high school students and teaching them how to be skilled tradesmen. On-the-job training is the only form of progression to becoming an overhead crane repair technician. That requires the employer to train personnel. Training crane repair technicians can be an exceptionally big challenge. The effort required to train a good technician is substantial, and cannot be accomplished by just one person. Real world experience, accompanied by formal training, and hands-on development is absolutely necessary. Triple Phase Training was founded to fulfill this need.

We are not an overhead crane repair college or trade school. ITI’s sole focus is to help personnel already working in the field. Let us optimize your technician’s ability, and refine the “mental toolbox” they carry on each crane. Our mission is to provide a formalized course tailored to your needs. Whether you have veteran technicians or apprentices, we provide valuable education and training.

Please contact TPT/Industrial Training International and let us help you build a highly optimized team.

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Cody Silvernagel – Overhead Crane Technician
Very informative and actually taught by someone who does service work, practical and makes sure that students understand and retain knowledge.
James Dardis – Overhead Crane Technician
My favorite part of the class was learning the electrical system of the entire crane in a very linear, modular, logical fashion. Simple trouble-shooting techniques.
"We had Triple Phase Training perform an in-house training class for a few experienced technicians. The classes were very well planned with useful information that encouraged interactive participation and provided hands-on troubleshooting and programming which made the information being taught tangible for the technicians."

“I would highly recommend Triple Phase Training and plan on hiring them in the future.”

-Teri Ballhorn, Las Vegas Regional
"Triple Phase Training recently put on a training class for 8 of our technicians. The training was very well done, in a very professional manner, and done so that the technicians could each absorb the information. I have received nothing but good results and recommendations for the training class."

 "I would wholeheartedly recommend any and all service technicians attend this training."

-Wayne Overholser, Manager of Nevada Operations 4 Olio Crane
Decatur Industrial Electric Inc

The instructor was always on time and knew what he was talking about. He took the time to answer questions and to explain it so we all understood.

-Brett Kunzman Decatur Industrial Electric Tech Services Manager
South East Crane & Hoist
“We sent 7 technicians through the overhead crane repair course. Their level of experience ranges from just starting out, to 5 or 6 years. We looked at several other training companies online, but chose Triple Phase Training because it was exactly what we were looking for."

"The course was very in-depth and I know it will benefit us a lot in the long run."

-Bobby Withers, Service Manager, Southeast Crane & Hoist