13 Dec 2017

One of our more specific training courses is the Variable Frequency Drive Installation and Trouble-Shooting Course. If you employ or are an overhead bridge crane repair technician, you have seen how many different skill sets are required to carry out this trade. From fabrication to electrification, there is a lot of knowledge needed to be […]

07 Dec 2017

Ok, so let’s talk turkey. How much does a class cost? Here at Triple Phase Training we are committed to providing the best quality training possible.  We realize that people are unique, skill sets range, and learning styles are different.  That’s why we tailor each class specific to our customer’s needs.  We allow you to […]

01 Dec 2017

An instructional video on how to “megger” a motor and the proper use of a megohmmeter. This is an insulation test of motor windings, commonly referred to as “megging, to megger, or to meg” a motor.

31 Jan 2016

Why use Triple Phase Training? Simple, Crane Repair Technicians Need Training! Manufacturing in America has created unique skilled tradesmen positions, but not all of these trades can be learned in college or vocational schools. Being a crane repairman is just one example of such a trade. The need for skilled tradesmen has been on the rise […]

05 Jan 2016

We are here to help your optimize your crane repair technicians. Our crane repair course is second to none. We have qualified trainers with dozens of years experience working on overhead bridge cranes. For information regarding scheduling a class, click here and tell us what class fits your needs. Our instructors and materials come to you! […]

04 Jan 2016

Triple Phase Training is committed to providing an exceptional training experience tailored to crane repair technicians. We impel our students to use our unique and one-of-a-kind training system to accomplish their tasks quickly and accurately. Then with the assistance of memory aids, we help the technicians to retain the information by customizing presentations to each […]

01 Jan 2016

Triple Phase Training’s professional trainers will be on-site and prompt the first day of training. Our motto is to pass on knowledge through experience. The instructor will start every course with an introduction about themselves and their unique work experience. One of the main goals of Triple Phase Training is to build a community of […]