05 Jan 2016

We are here to help your optimize your crane repair technicians. Our crane repair course is second to none. We have qualified trainers with dozens of years experience working on overhead bridge cranes. For information regarding scheduling a class, click here and tell us what class fits your needs. Our instructors and materials come to you! Nationwide we are scheduling courses, and providing top quality diverse training to on-site maintenance personnel. Our packages are modular and can be customized to fit your budget. Offering one, two and three day courses allows us to offer competitive pricing to our customers. By saving you money and valuable resources, Triple Phase Training is a great option to bolster your team.

Have you ever searched for a technical training class for your crane and hoist repairmen? The options are limited, generally very expensive and not at all comprehensive. Finding a class that is specific to this industry is not readily available. Triple Phase Training saw a need in the training industry and are filling it with the variety of classes and style of training we offer.

We are currently booking Crane and Hoist Repair Classes. This is a dynamic course that teaches technical aspects of being a overhead bridge crane repair technician. Starting with the fundamentals, explaining components, and refreshing core concepts gives our students a foundation to build on for the rest of their career. Variable frequency drives, incremental encoders, motor application, testing, and theory are just a few of the themes developed in this exciting course.

We offer classes that fit our clients demanding work flow. We understand the constraints of time and resource management. Whether you have many seasoned veteran technicians or a mix of young and old alike, we have curriculum to benefit everyone. Our trainers have worked in crane service companies as well as on-site maintenance departments for years. This gives your personnel real life experiences to learn from and a more relevant teacher. Our instructors are highly skilled, not only in understanding technical questions but also in public speaking. This gives the students the best possible training environment. Interaction and questions are always encouraged and our instructors understand the difficult situations these technicians work with everyday.


Fill out one of our sign up forms by clicking here, and let us know what course fits your needs. You can expect to be contacted by our scheduling department within 24 hours. After selecting available dates and a training location, we can begin the set up process. Our instructor will travel to you! Depending on what course is selected, we may need to arrange to ship the hands-on laboratory equipment, but you can be assured that the course will take place on time and efficiently to save you time and resources.


Here are the basics:

-The travel and lodging costs of the instructor.  We can include an estimation of these costs within the body of the pricing quote or you may use your own corporate travel agency to purchase the trainer’s travel if you prefer.

-Tuition per student.

For more information on pricing, please click here.

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