13 Dec 2017

One of our more specific training courses is the Variable Frequency Drive Installation and Trouble-Shooting Course. If you employ or are an overhead bridge crane repair technician, you have seen how many different skill sets are required to carry out this trade. From fabrication to electrification, there is a lot of knowledge needed to be a well rounded tech. Our goal at Triple Phase training is to provide the specialized electrical installation, trouble-shooting, and root cause analysis training needed by these multi skilled employees.

Variable Frequency drives have revolutionized industrial motor control. These computers save money and power. Also giving the end user more flexibility and reliability, it is no wonder they are being used it every application. They save the equipment owner thousands of dollars, not just in reliability but also, component wear, and electricity. More and more uses and applications are being found each day. They are almost standard equipment for overhead bridge cranes. With so many brands being used in cranes it may be hard to keep up with the new user interfaces and menus.

We are building lab equipment capable of training your personnel on the drives they already see in the field. By making our students comfortable on all types of equipment they might encounter, will make better comprehensive technicians. Our goal is to provide a hands-on learning environment to teach these products in great detail. We have the capability right now to teach all Power Electronics drives, and will provide this equipment to our two and three day courses. These drives are one of the industry standards when it comes to made in America durable, reliable drives.

To meet this increasing challenge we are building a great comprehensive course to train your personnel how to install, trouble-shoot, and maintain variable frequency Drives. We are  currently expanding to teach all of  the popular brands being used in overhead bridge crane applications today. This class will have hands on training and demonstrations to help your technicians be efficient. The majority of the class is spent on diagnosis and trouble-shooting. The students will receive a comprehensive knowledge on the dives they use in overhead bridge cranes and hoists.  Sign up for our mailing list to get updated news on when our classes will begin.

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