01 Jan 2016

Triple Phase Training’s professional trainers will be on-site and prompt the first day of training. Our motto is to pass on knowledge through experience. The instructor will start every course with an introduction about themselves and their unique work experience. One of the main goals of Triple Phase Training is to build a community of overhead crane technicians. We hope to develop dialog between all overhead bridge crane technicians by making a public TSB (technician service bulletin) for crane technicians. This will allow emerging and chronic problems specific to overhead crane technicians to be posted, discussed and solved. Trades like crane repair technicians, need a community to share and discuss the technical problems they face. Sharing solutions to environmental and process challenges would be an enormous asset to crane repair personnel. Time is set aside in each class to share these experiences and solutions. Interaction is key in training your personnel, and our instructors make the effort to engage their students.

There is a minimal prep time needed to setup the labs, and class materials. We do our best to have these courses executed promptly and with arrangement to maximize your students learning time. After the initial setup and introduction, the students will review the class schedule for the day and review the previous days material. Each section of the course begins with an overview of the topic, objective of the section, the value for the technician, and then the presentation will begin. Our content includes videos, exercises, hands-on demos and other multimedia. We endeavor to keep the class fresh and interesting. All questions are welcome and feedback from our participants is essential.

The crane and hoist repair course is a three day classroom and hands-on lab course. We want all who attend this course to become successful repair technicians and with that in mind we have developed student workbooks that can be used for review and personal enrichment. After the conclusion of the training you can choose to receive an individual assessment of your personnel. Please join our mailing list and tell us what courses interest you the most. Sign Up Today!

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