All courses meet or exceed CMAA, ASME, and OSHA Standards.

This online course is only 2 hours per session and spread out over a 4-week schedule to allow for flexibility and savings. Our live instruction focuses on YOUR needs. The spring course begins on March 25th and space is limited to allow for 1-on-1 instruction. Register today!

2019 Spring Course Dates:
  • Week One – March 25th & 29th 7 am  – 9 am PST
  • Week Two – April 1st & 5th 7 am – 9 am PST
  • Week Three – April 15th & 18th 7 am – 9 am PST
  • Week Four – April 22th & 26th 7 am – 9 am PST
custom training for overhead crane technicians

Optimize Your Team in Just 4 Weeks!

Over the course of 4 weeks, we will cover the major aspects of bridge cranes, electronics, motors, variable frequency drives, encoders, connections and circuit diagnostics, brakes, and wire ropes. Course highlights include unified terms and definitions, new installation, programming and troubleshooting for PE and Magnatek drives, and trademarked techniques for successful circuit diagnosis. Quizzes will be administered throughout the modules to ensure proper understanding and comprehension. Active participation and questions during each session are encouraged. (If a student cannot attend a session due to extenuating circumstances, a make-up session may be scheduled. An additional fee may apply.)

*Please note: Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Level I Overhead Crane Repair Certification. This certification will be valid for a period of 2 years. Being that this course is online, this certification DOES NOT include a circuit diagnostic exam and hands-on test with a VFD drive, and therefore will not be a diagnostic certification (Level II Certification.) For more information on certification levels, please click here.

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