Modern overhead cranes and hoists use variable frequency drives. This course gives your technicians the skills and training necessary to install and diagnose Variable Frequency Drives.

Variable Frequency Drive Training

Hands-on Equipment

Hands-on training is by far the most effective way to teach and retain information.
Triple Phase Training brings equipment on site for your technicians. All the techniques taught can be used for all drive manufacturers. However our instructors have received factory training from the following manufacturers.

VFD Manufacturers

  • Magnetek / Impulse G series
  • Power Electronics
  • Techniques for trouble-shooting all drives


Triple Phase Training provides demos and hands-on labs for Power Electronics and Magnetek drives. This experience gives the technician an opportunity to trouble-shoot and repair issues commonly encountered in the field.


  • Mnemonics
  • Mental Toolbox
  • Diagnosis procedures for every drive
  • Auditory team trouble-shooting exercises
Variable Frequency Drive Training

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